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Best-in-Class Laser Hair Removal Technology to Give You the Desired Look

Drayton Medical Centre welcomes you to start your laser treatments today. We are passionate about offering the best solutions for varying skin issues. Being a professionally accredited laser skin clinic, we are known to provide high-quality, result-driven services tailored to your individual needs.

We offer consultations depending on your concerns, needs and will walk you through our services. It is our sole aim to make you feel at ease, comfortable at our clinic. We combine experience, technology and beauty to create the ultimate experience for our discerning clients.

Our laser hair treatments are performed by a skilled medical team of doctors, technicians ensuring the highest safety. In addition, we are professional experts at providing aesthetic treatments for clients, no matter their goals.

We combine state of the art laser therapy technology with the expertise you need to receive the best outcomes. We are known for dealing with body hair, which can seem pretty hectic. Naturally, you want to achieve that beautiful skin. Choosing our kaya Cosmetics’ laser hair removal service could be a life-changing decision for you.

While laser hair removal may cost you a fortune, believe it or not, it is worth every penny. The results you get are unmatched. Our laser therapists are experts at operating market-leading technology.

Unlike other hair removal options, our laser hair removal technique gives you fast results, is safe, reliable, and ensures permanent hair reduction. The procedure works by directing concentrated light to target hair follicles at the roots.

Our experienced laser therapists will create a personalised treatment plan while considering your skin and hair type. They will also walk you through the same steps and measures you want to take as aftercare.

If you are after peace of mind about unwanted hair growth, let our expert specialists care about that! Increase your results and book your appointment with us now.