What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated with Chemical Peel Treatment

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You may not get the time back that is lost, but you can reverse your skin conditions. Yes, with the chemical peels, you can get rid of specific skin problems and get back flawless skin that you were missing for so long. A chemical peel is a non-surgical process to revitalise your skin texture and make the appearance brighter and fresher. At Drayton Medical, the expert skin consultants specialise in one of the best skin peel treatments in Australia. They first evaluate your skin condition and formulate the best custom treatment for your particular needs.

Know the Science behind Chemical Peels

A chemical skin peel helps improve skin tone and overall texture by applying a chemical solution to remove the skin’s damaged skin layer. The customised chemical ingredients has controlled levels of certain skin-friendly acids and vitamins that, when applied to the skin, exfoliates the surface and results in brighter and newer skin. Depending upon the particular aesthetic goals, these chemical solutions are formulated in various strengths for treating individual skin issues.

The Skin Conditions that Are Treated with Chemical Peels

When you have minor skin irregularities on your skin like pigmentation, fine wrinkles or slight scarring on the skin or you have aging signs; you can improve your overall look with chemical peels. The acidic solution is excellent for treating minor skin issues. However, they are not perfect for treating deep wrinkles, excessive scarring and skin laxity. If you have any of the below skin issues, skin peel can be great for you.

Acne: The superficial chemical peel, like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, effectively treats mild and moderate acne. The chemical solution penetrates only to the outer layer of skin and sheds the damaged surface cells. These chemical solutions also have anti-inflammatory features that decrease oil secretion and clogged pores.

Scaring: If you have slight scars that affect your face, the skin peel can reduces it and makes your skin’s texture suitable. The experts will determine the scar’s depth and size and formulate the chemical concentration best for you.

Sun Damage: During the summer days, you might face extreme tanning when exposed to sunlight for a pretty long time. If tan stays for a longer time, it is time to get rid of it with a chemical peel.

Crow’s Feet: When you laugh or smile, it is reflected on your entire face and your eyes. But a fine line stays there when you are not smiling. Such fine wrinkle lines are called crow’s feet. They are the first steps of aging and they start when your skin loses its elasticity.

Age Spots, Melasma and Freckles: Slight discolouration on your skin can be treated easily with chemical peels. Whether you notice age spots, melasma or freckles, you can try out skin peels to reduce them.

If you face any one of these skin issues, you can consult a skin specialist first who can suggest the best skin treatment. While undergoing the treatment, be sure to have a realistic expectation at the end. A one-time application of skin peel is not enough for reducing skin problems; the specialist will suggest 2-3 sitting to get the best results.