Some tummy tuck truths that you need to know before opting for cosmetic treatments

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The desire to look presentable, attractive and beautiful is natural for every human being, but a large percentage of one’s look depends on their physic and figure. If there is something wrong with your body shape, then your personality will suffer. For instance, having a large and unsightly belly is not going to help your appurtenance in any way. Hence, you need to choose the right cosmetic treatments and ensure that you always look presentable.

Knowing some necessary information about tummy tucking

A very popular and sought after cosmetic treatment is belly tucking. This is the process, under which excess fat from your tummy area is removed, which tightens the tummy area, making it look better, flatter and tighter than ever before. It may sound great on paper, but abdominoplasty is major surgery, and there are a few truths you need to know about the procedure. It will help you prepare better for the process and make it smoother.

The truths that you should be aware of

The truth that you should be aware of regarding the abdominoplasty you are thinking of having are:

The expectation for a considerable weight loss will disappoint you

From the basic idea about the process, you may think that, after the tummy tucking is over, you will lose a drastic amount of weight, which is not at all true. Usually, the process is all about contouring your tummy and tightening up the abdominal muscles and skin. Your dress size may go down a couple of notches, but if a significant amount of fat is not removed, the weight loss will be minimal. It is essentially a body contouring process and not a weight loss one.

The feeling of being bigger won’t abate that fast

If you have been carrying around a large belly for a considerable amount of time, then the feeling of being bigger won’t be abating so fast. Moreover, the possibility of swelling and inflammation is there, and in most cases, people have to go through this phase. It may make you feel that the surgery has been a mistake. You have to wait for a little for the results to start showing. It will be surgery, and your body is going to treat it like any other injury, and it will take time for you to heal.

You will need a few weeks before standing up straight is possible

It may not seem so, because tummy tucking is a part of cosmetic treatment, and people often do not take it seriously. You will have to remember that the process essentially is a surgery, and it will require time for your body to heal properly. For the first few weeks, you will have to be slightly bent forward to keep pressure away from the multiple layers of sutures. It will let the skin and muscles relax.

The pain won’t be just a possibility, but very real

The surgery will be a major one which means you will have to go through a period of discomfort and pain which will remain in place for the first few weeks of the procedure. If you think that the pain is unbearable, you should ask your cosmetic surgeon to prescribe some pain medication. It will provide you with some relief.

You will need help, and you should let others help

Like any other major surgery, tummy tucking will also come with several restrictions and safety measures. It will keep you from performing the whole of your daily routine. You will need help, and you should ask your near ones for the assistance required. Not doing so will be detrimental to your health.

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