Skincare Habits You Need to Stop to Prevent Worsening of Acne

When you are worried about your acne problems, it is essential to ask yourself whether you are faithful to your acne treatment program. Many believe that they are doing everything to prevent the worsening of acne. However, innocently they are continuing all the skincare habits which worsen acne. Given below are the top tips you need to consider if you aim to remove all the acne in your skin.

Top Habits to Stop for Prevention of Acne:


Changing Acne Treatment Every Week

Many have the habit of changing their acne treatment every week. The point is that it irritates the skin, but such irritation leads to breakouts at the same time.

In such scenarios, it is advised to be patient and allow a particular treatment to work with time. Make sure to use a product for six to eight weeks because it takes that long to show some results. If you do not find any change even after eight weeks, consider changing the treatment by trying another product. Skin and acne treatments are sensitive and hence should be taken seriously.

Applying Acne Medication Only on the Blemishes

It is logical to treat only those places which seems to be the main area of the problem. However, this approach fails miserably to prevent any new breakouts.

In that case, it is recommended to spread a thin layer of the acne medication over the acne-prone skin. For instance, if there is a breakout on the nose, chin, and forehead, make sure to put the acne treatment evenly on the entire area of your face.

Skincare Products, Makeup and Hair care Products Which Leads to Acne

It needs to be known that many makeups and hair products are the reasons behind the formation of skin breakouts on the faces. These products contain oil and other ingredients that lead to such consequences. Make sure to use only makeup, sunscreen, and haircare products labelled “won’t clog pores” or “non-comedogenic”. Using these products reduces the chance of breakouts to a great extent.

Sharing Makeup Brushes, Makeup or Makeup Applicators?

It does not matter whether you are using non-comedogenic products because sharing makeup can lead to breakouts even when using them. However, it does not mean that acne is contagious. When the same makeup and makeup brushes are used, then the acne-causing bacteria and the dead cells of other’s skin may wind up on your face. In other words, sharing makeup and makeup stuff only makes it easier for the bacteria for passing from one person to another.

That is why it is always advisable never to use shared makeup and applicators because it will only lead to consequences that you have always wanted to avoid for your skin’s health maintenance.

Overall, these are the habits that most people have, but they do not know that they can cause acne. If you find that the acne in your skin is not going away quickly, make sure to consult a reputed dermatologist to check your skin’s health.