Reasons Why PRP Replacement is a Good Choice for You

PRP Replacement Therapy QLD

Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP is a method that helps increase the body’s healing process after a major or a minor injury or even in case of arthritis pain. The PRP replacement therapy in QLD involves injecting platelets into damaged joints, tendons, and ligaments for promoting tissue repairs. Platelets are components of blood that are responsible for clotting, which in turn prevents bleeding. Individuals who face slow healing of wounds, inflammation, or pain can surely avail this treatment.

What Can Health Conditions Be Improved through this Treatment?

PRP therapy is a long-lasting therapy for injuries that provides better results than traditional injections and painkillers. This technique helps patients avoid surgeries by improving their natural healing power after injury. In other words, this therapy treats pain, not just the symptoms, from deep within. PRP therapy helps treat chronic tendon injuries, knee arthritis, and acute ligament and muscle injuries.

Who is the Right Candidate for this Treatment?

Several research studies are done to determine how much this technique is effective. Various factors can affect/influence the results of this treatment, including the parts of the body being treated, the patient’s overall health, and the type of injury the person has faced. PRP therapy is not suitable for all, and it works differently for different people. Studies have shown that there are mixed results when this technique is used to treat osteoarthritis. This treatment works best when it is combined with other physical therapies.

The following health issues can be cured with PRP treatment:

Chronic Tendon Injuries

Research shows that PRP effectively treats chronic tendon injuries like tennis elbow. Other studies show that this treatment is very promising in treating Achilles Tendonitis and Jumper’s Knee.

Acute Muscle Tears

PRP is also useful in healing acute sports injuries when other traditional treatments fail to work. It has helped many professional athletes to recover from the sports injuries that take time to heal, like acute muscle tears or pain.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is caused by constant wear and tear of rubbery tissue called cartilage that protects and separates the bone. Cartilage does not grow back again on its own. However, with the PRP therapy, the collagen remodeling process is being stimulated in the cartilage to rebuild the operation.

Ligament Sprains

The ligaments are crisscrossed bands that usually connect bones. When the ligament is sprained, it is stretched beyond the capacity. You might also hear the popping sound when it gets injured. Sprains are common in the communal areas like the shoulder, ankle, and knee. You can make use of PRP therapy that stimulates the healing process.


Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons that causes too much pain. Tendons are parts that attach muscles to the bones, and tendons’ inflammation causes severe problems. The PRP serum has ingredients that promote the growth of fibrins, which prevent inflammation. PRP also increases the circulation to the particular treatment area that promotes healing.

Apart from these healing benefits, PRP therapy has lots of cosmetic services. It helps in reducing hair fall and slows down aging.