Handy tips to deal with after exercise skin and acne treatments with ease

skin and acne treatments

Exercise is crucial for everyone. It does not only help you to stay fit but also keeps everything balanced, ensuring a healthy, happy and long life for you. With all these benefits associated, thinking that your fitness regime can be the reason for your acne or skin issues is a little tough. But, if you go for skin and acne treatments, the experts will inform you that, in your attempt to stay fit, you may end up getting acne and other skin problems. The following tips will help you to prevent post-workout acnes.

The tips that will keep acne at bay

It may not seem essential enough, but there is no denying that your skin needs to stay as fit as your body and the following tips will be able to help with that:

  • You should remove any makeup and skincare products you had put on your skin before the exercise session. When you are exercising, the blood flow to your skin increases, opening up the pores. Having makeup on your skin may end up blocking sweat and bacteria within the enlarged pores, which will give you acne in the long term.
  • If you have long hair, then it should be pulled back and kept off your face. The oils or any other hair products which you may have used will get transferred to the skin which will clog the pores, causing fungal growth and acne breakouts.
  • Before using any exercise equipment that is used by many others, you should wipe it thoroughly to keep germs and viruses at bay or as far as possible, which will keep your skin healthy. Even your exercise equipment at home should be cleaned regularly as well. It will keep the oil, dirt and bacteria accumulation from happening, contributing to your healthy skin.
  • There is a lot of natural oil, dirt and bacteria on your hands all the time, especially when you are doing exercise. If you use these hands to touch your face, then these things will transfer to the skin, causing acne and other skin problems. Therefore, not touching your face while exercising will be a smart decision.
  • Water, especially when you drink plenty of water every day, the toxins from your body get flushed out which is necessary for keeping you acne-free. Moreover, drinking plenty of water will boost the acne-fighting capacity of your body. So, it would help if you drank a lot of water and before and during an exercise session.
  • Wearing skin-tight attires for your exercise session may seem to be the right idea, but such clothes help in trapping moisture on your skin and for an extended period. It creates the perfect environment for acne to flare. There is a particular type of yeast known as Malassezia, which proliferates in a damp environment. It can result in fungal acne infection, which often gets misdiagnosed and mistreated, causing more significant trouble.
  • After doing exercise, you are bound to get sweaty. So, it would be best if you got out of the damp and sweaty clothes as soon as possible. It will help your skin remain healthy. Cleaning your gym clothes carefully and thoroughly is also necessary. Showering immediately after the workout session will also be essential.
  • The best treatment is when your skin can get the right amount of moisture. It will help to keep your skin supple and healthy. For best results, your moisturiser should be free of all the heavy ingredients, heavy perfumes, oils, lanolin and such.

If you are still facing acne issues or any other skin problems, then contacting Drayton Medical and book an appointment will be the right course to take.