Cool Things About Laser Hair Removal You Wish You Knew

Laser hair removal Toowoomba

Are you considering laser hair removal? It pays off to learn a few things before getting it done. We understand you are intrigued about laser hair removal perks in Toowoomba; however, it is vital to know the correct information regarding it.

There are more perks of choosing a laser hair removal procedure than you think it has. If you are prone to ingrown hair leading to hyperpigmentation, it helps eliminate for this problem.

While hair removal options are countless, it is one of the few that provides you with a more permanent body hair removal approach.

It is a good idea to research the process’s intricacies before you decide to undergo the same. You would want to keep a few things in mind as preparation for the best hair removal experience. They are:

Your Patience Pays off

You need to wait another two or three weeks after the first session to notice any noticeable difference. For best results, 8 to 12 sessions of the procedure are needed. You have to be consistent with your appointments since the hair follicles will be at different growth stages. You should make sure that every hair follicle is destroyed to its root for the most satisfactory outcome.

The Process is Not Painful

People often think that laser hair removal is a painful process; however, it is not entirely true. The process works by using laser beams to destroy body hair follicles by burning them. The light converts to heat that damages the hair follicle and bulb. Laser hair removal is a simpler and quicker process that needs a few sessions to get the job done satisfactorily.

You Want to Shave before Laser

The laser beam can react with your hair on the surface of your skin, leading to irritation. You would want to make sure that you have prepped enough before every session to get the optimum results.

The selected area must be shaved within 24 hours before you undergo the treatment. Never tweeze, pluck or wax the area between or before sessions.

You want to keep that area from makeup, sun exposure, lotions and deodorant. Let your practitioner know if you require some wipes before the session starts.

Do Not Go to the Gym Afterwards

The laser’s heat stays in the skin for approximately 24 hours. Therefore, you do not want to go to gyms, take hot showers or get into a saunas. Going to the gym means creating a warm environment for bacteria to spawn and give you spots. It is the last thing you would want after getting your body hair removed.

Pay Attention to the Sun

Your dermatologist is the only person to advise you on how to avoid sunbathing and extreme sun exposure before and after the treatments. If you have tan issues, make sure you wait for the treatment until the tan layer fades.

It Can Trigger More Growth Sometimes

Sometimes, laser hair removal can trigger a particular type of hair to grow even longer and thicker. However, if your body hair is not suitable for laser, your dermatologist will suggest to you the best course of action.