Chemical Skin Peel- Everything You Need to Know

Chemical peels are the best treatment for helping you get back your fantastic skin. Skin peels bring your skin into shape by removing the fine lines, reducing hyperpigmentation, treating breakouts and other issues related to your skin. But it is equally essential for you to take care of your skin during the process so that it heals and bounce back to life and give the desired results. The experts providing skin peel treatment in Australia ensures that the candidates who undergo chemical peels feel much more confident after the treatment.

What Do You Expect From A Chemical Peel- Traditional Vs. Modern Peel?

The traditional chemical peels have a formula that indicates that “stronger is better”, as they have a single type of acid with the highest concentration. However, the results of these peels can vary depending upon the skin type. If the dose becomes high, there is a tendency that individuals can suffer from sunburn spots, itchy and shedding skin that last for a long time.

However, modern skin peels contain acids or other chemicals that are good for your skin. They reduce the aging signs and other impurities from your skin. They leave glowing skin behind, and you will regain back your self-confidence and self-esteem. These skin peels contain chemical formulas with a perfect combination of several exfoliating acids like lactic and glycolic acids. The extracts of fruit acids act as buffers for your skin and prevent redness and puffiness. However, it would help if you did extensive research before you avail skin peel treatment.

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is like a chemical exfoliation that helps remove the dead skin cells from the skin’s top surface. This peel’s treatment time can range from 30 minutes to last 2-3 days, depending upon the patient’s expectations. During the peeling time, the dead skin cells are flaked off, and you will get a layer of fresh and new skin.

There are several benefits that patient receives from the chemical peel. The peels will give you a refined complexion. It also improves your overall look and provides back confidence. Some of the benefits are-

  1. Improving skin colour, tone, texture and clarity
  2. Help to clear up the breakouts
  3. Reduce discolouration that results from sun damage
  4. Stimulate new collagen production and healthy skin cell growth, which results in a radiant complexion
  5. Address hydration of the skin
  6. Smooths away the fine lines and wrinkles
  7. Enable skincare products to become more effective as peels can remove several layers of skin build-up

If you want to enjoy long-term benefits from the chemical peels, you can avail of 2-3 sessions for chemical peels at a 4-6 weeks gap. The advantage of helping more extended peel series is to target the epidermis’ deeper layers, which will further give you an enhanced exfoliation.

We recommend consulting with the experienced team from Drayton Medical who has several years of experience and will suggest to you whether you are a suitable candidate for peeling or not.